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When you were growing up, you didn’t have the right to choose what to wear, your parents choose for you and so you took what you were given in strides, however you grew older and then you were allowed to choose what you wanted, according to how you were feeling at the particular time. During this early years of being a teenager and being self-sufficient, you still probably didn’t figure out your personal style, you stumbled, year after year until your adult age.

Now as an adult you know what you want, you know what is attractive, you can find the latest and best styles that work with your personality, you are somewhat comfortable in your own skin – basically you are you. Being you in this century equals having a good sense of style, in many cases, we have to express what we feel on the inside outside and we can do this through the use of clothes.


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Picking the right outfit goes a long way, in many cases we know how and what you are feeling just by looking at the outfit you have picked or the colour, In today’s edition of it’s all about colours this season we are taking a look at the colour pink. The colour pink is very beautiful and filled with brightness, it goes well with any and every skin tone you just have to find the right shade for you. In the image above you can see our  Esther Areola looking very chic and elegant in a pretty print dress with cute details. This is showing you that your choice of wearing pink shouldn’t just stop and plain colours only, patterns should also be incorporated.

I hope you like what you see above because there is more on this episode of  it’s all about colours this season | Pink blossom edition. Keep reading to fins that perfect blend for you…

It’s All About Colours This Season | Pink Blossom Edition














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