MacArthur high school freshman Ahmed Mohammed was arrested on Monday on the charges of bringing a  haux bomb which turned out to be a digital clock to school, prior to this incident Ahmed had been called names due to his race and religion. This incident caused a twitter campaign #Istandwithahmed where the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, President Obama, Google, Hilary Clinton,Twitter and celebrities had their piece to say.

Irving’s police chief insist that what they did was under the law, stating that despite the boys insistence that it was a clock the device brought to school was suspicious in nature enough to raise alarm. Ahmed in an interview stated that he was interrogated for one hour twenty five minutes tops and he was not allowed to call his parents.

Investigation preceding the arrest showed that indeed the device was an home made experiment. Asked why the boy Ahmed was cuffed the chief replied that it was a way to be safe, for both the boy and his officers. Ahmed has since been released and the campaign #istandbyahmed has been endorsed by a lot of tech companies and individuals. His sisters opened a twitter account @istandforahmed which has been verified by twitter. Here are some of the tweets

Some people have even started taking pictures of watches, starting another camping #notabomb which is asides from #istandwithahmed.

So far Ahmed Mohammed has vowed never to take an invention to school again.

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What do you think about this story, do you think Ahmed should have been arrested? What do you think about discrimination? what do you think about the #istandwithahmed campaign on twitter? Air your views by leaving your comments.

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