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Hair Vlogger The Brilliant Beauty shows how she creates her rubber-band ponytail with braids & beads. The invincible ponytail technique is such a cute and fun look especially for summer. The style has an island vibe since the patterns resembles that of a pineapple. If you want to try something new and fresh then you should try this look, it’s totally fun.

Summer Vibe

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What You’ll need;

Attachment / Weaves
Fine tooth com
Hair band
Hair clip & pins
Hair beads and clip on

Summer Vibes Hairstyles

Here are the steps to follow:

For the cute ponytail hairstyle which is a summer fave you need to start with your back ponytail. Divide your hair into three unequal parts. the back division has to be more than the two in front which would be equal.

To create a pony tail at the back, you could use a gel or edge control, it’s all about choice. Massage and gel well and but it up in a high ponytail.

Now it’s time to braid the sides, take a little amount of hair and braid towards the front using an attachment, do the same at the other end.

After that you can lay your edges using the edge control and then wrap it around so it can set. while you wait add beads or/and clip on’s to your hair.

The next phase is the rubber ban twist or braid anyhow you want to call it, dividing your hair into triangle sets. To make them smooth use edge control.

Continue with the triangular parts and then twist them. combine at the top of your ponytail.

Next, wrap some attachments around the ponytail and the braid till the end.

Next take your weave, pin at the end, begin to wrap till you get to the top- make sure to pin as you go along….

For more insight watch the video tutorial below…

Ponytail hairstyle

Video Source: YouTube | TheBrilliantBeauty

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