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Its a day to Friday people, oya #shakitibobo#, y’all would know by now that I absoulutely love Fridays, well who does not?. I heard this story and decided to talk about it here, when a woman marries a man and he cheats people tell her ‘you can leave the marriage because he cheated, its a mans nature to cheat’, how true is this statement? do we just make this statement or that is the affirmative truths?. This issue has been on for a long time when a woman cheats she is chased out of the house sent back to her parents and seen as a whore, slot and outcast.

In this situation jane has been married for a year and some months, she has been the dedicated wife, she cooks well,cleans well and is also very good in bed, she has time for her family as she comes back from work early enough to make sure that dinner is ready for the husband and everything is in place. She has the 2015 lady dress sense so do not say her dressing chased him away because in dressing she is also very good.

She finds out that he is cheating barely over a year in their marriage the other woman is pregnant for her husband and says she must keep it. So people you are in this situation what would you do?

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