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O, we just thought we needed to celebrate more Black beauties as they kill their looks in an environment that isn’t “Black” friendly most of the times. I mean this morning I spoke to a friend of mine whose’s skin was glowing by the way (yea, she uses black soap and coconut oil) and she said to me, she wanted to take a break from the natural skin product. I of cause had to ask why and here’s her response, and am quoting

“My friend says am getting black”

What! my girl is such a beauty with one of the best black skins and she was allowing this friend say such to her, she did say she shut him down – and yes he’s a he – after I asked her if she was light skinned before. I mean it’s a struggle for many black ladies even here in an all black nation (neo colonization wouldn’t allow us be great). This conversation inspired me to search out beauty looks from gorgeous black women of the different skin tones I could find. I hope this motivates you to always stay true and be confident in who you are, it’s okay to want to have a glowing skin but it’s not okay when you do things just because someone says so, you have to own you shit life.

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I hope you’ve been inspired by what you’ve seen. Black women are killing it and all it takes is a word – CONFIDENCE.

Tell us your skin and beauty experiences below… Let’s talk you might help someone…

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