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Today I will be reviewing on the BM PRO MAKE OFF, from the name, You probably know what it is used for. For those of you that are not familiar with the BM PRO cosmetics line, It is an indigenous brand in Nigeria that is owned by one of the GURU’S in the Nigeria beauty industry, Banke Meshilda Lawal. Her jobs are always looking flawless and she uses lots of her products on clients, One of such product is what I will be reviewing for you guys.

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BM PRO MAKE OFF is a make up removal it comes in a transparent plastic bottle which is very cool so you can see the color of what you are using and also know when you are about to run out of it, It also come with a pump for dispensing the product and a stopper to lock so as to avoid unnecessary pumping. This product is an orange liquid formula that takes off make up easily, It is rich in jojoba oil and rose extract, It also has a very nice smell. When I saw this product with my friend the color drew my attention and I requested for it for my personal use, BM PRO MAKE OFF does exactly what it is meant for remove make up easily. It also reduces the stress of taking off bright colors on the eyes, It saves time when compared to wipes and its not too expensive. I loved this product when i used it to clean my eye make up but the day I tried it on my face it was as if I bathed with oil. Argh, This product is just too oily considering my skin type it is a no for me, now I use it to remove my eye make up only.


I really like this BM PRO MAKE OFF remover, It smells nice, Removes make up effectively, Little of it goes a long way and it is easy to carry around, I will definitely recommend it for people with normal to dry skin but as for me I don’t think I would be buying it again.

Have anyone tried this product? Please share your thoughts and opinion in the comment box below.

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