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Are you an Instagram lover? Wondering why you don’t have as much likes or followers as you should? then you need to up your Instagram game. Make your Instagram feed powerful with the following tips.

Instagram Worthy

Instagram Worthy

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  • The first tip is to learn how to take really cool and fascinating photographs, for example when you are on the plane, you can take a picture of the clouds once your phone is on Air plane Mode, later, after you have landed of cause upload the picture with an awesome caption. Also learn how to take a good selfie.
  • Hashtags are fun and of cause useful, yes but do not go crazy, use unique hashtags rather than common ones (like #beautiful#lasgidi)  so your page doesn’t get all  jumbled and lost in Instagram space.
  • Don’t forget to edit, Instagram is all about admiring pictures and photography skills thereby you can take loads of pictures but you must skim through and put up only the best and if its from an event 5 should do just fine.
  • Don’t be too serious, don’t put yourself in a hold, add fun and humor to your feed by uploading hilarious meme’s, a meme with yourself in it or basically making fun of yourself.
  • You can monitor the exact time you need to post to get more view with Iconosquare, therefore post a picture par day to maintain consistency.
  • For other interest, choose a theme you would want to focus on like travel, beauty or lifestyle.
  • Finally follow other meaningful Instagram pages, socialize, follow people and pages that are inspirational to you, engage by interacting with your audience, this really helps.
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What do you think guys, would you follow this steps, are they reasonable enough or easy enough to carry out? Yes or No? Leave your comments in the comment box below.

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