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Everyone is afraid of getting hurt because many have gone through love and lost. It is normal and okay to be scared of going into another relationship but when you allow your past to interfere with your well-being and have a negative effect on people around you, it will only make you lonely for as long as you decide to let go of your past.

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Hello World

My name is Laura, I’am 21 years old,I got pregnant 3 years ago with my previous boyfriend,at the time I was 18 years, my ex wasn’t support me at the time, he practically abandoned me When I told him I was pregnant with his baby, I was alone and scared so I decided to terminate my pregnancy,after that I was depressed about my abortion, and I stay single for 3 years because I didn’t want to have a boyfriend anymore because I was afraid to get pregnant again,but now I’am dating a great guy that I know since I was little but I still feel not ready to have $3x again because of my past history,I’am afraid that my new boyfriend only want to use me ,if he not really taking me serious ,I’am afraid that he will dump me and get tired of me after we have intercourse,I’am afraid to go through abortion thing again or a guy dump me again.I’am afraid that men only want to use me and dump,should I broke up with him ?If I’am thinking about telling him about my termination if pregnancy but I’am also scared how he going to react when he learn that I had an abortion in the past,especially knowing that he is a very religious person and it happen that the both of us go to the same church,he also knows that I’am also a very religious person.Should I tell him about my abortion story or not?or should I broke up with him?

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Dear Scared

A new relationship is like an un-mapped area and letting ourselves fall in love means taking a heavy risk. Though it is a sure thing to have natural fears of the unknown, letting that fear take the better part of you will only ruin your new relationship. Evaluating your new relationship with your past will have a negative effect on your new partner. You can’t be single for the rest of your life, one way or the other you have to let go of those fears and embrace a new you.

Your past is still haunting you because you have not made peace with your past and if you continue with such fear it will over power you and it won’t get healed easily. You don’t need to be scared to relate your past to your new boyfriend, everyone has a past but the ability to pick up your life and be a better person makes you a winner. The best thing you should do regarding pregnancy is to abstain from $3x and that is why you need to tell your boyfriend so he can also help you recover. Forget about your past and move on with your new boyfriend, he might be the right guy.

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