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These days its not unusual for women to date younger men it has been a reoccurring scenario. Honestly you will have to deal with illicit reactions from people when you are in such relationship. Dating a younger man isn’t that big of a deal, its just the mindset but the society makes it feel weird. What matters in any relationship is love, If both partners love and wish to stay together age should never be a barrier.

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Hello World

Hi guys,

My current dilemma is that I`ve been in a rocky relation for the past 6years with my fiancé , and who Is the father of my child. The issue is that I recently experienced temporary separation with my fiancé, and with that I met a guy who is 21years of age and I 25years with whom I have fallen so deeply in love with over the past 7months of dating him. I have never been so in love with my fiancé as I have with the new guy.

During the 7months of dating this guy we experienced a lot of issues, in that he felt we were capable of making a permanent commitment to each other, marriage. I failed to agree with him which then resulted in a break up. We’ve  been separated for the past 2months now, though I am starting to feel as though im ready to end my 6year relationship to make that commitment with the other guy. Problem is he has moved on and is currently seeing somebody else, and I, I am still in love with him and would give the world to be with him despite our odds.

I don’t know how to handle this

Dear Confused

You are so indecisive, before jumping into another relationship did you break up with the father of your child? you said it was a temporary separation not permanent and that means you were cheating on the father of your child. It is obvious that you don’t love the father of your child and there is no point staying in the relationship.

You love the younger guy but are you sure he loves you? Remember you have a child with your fiance is he ready to marry you with your child? Truth be told love is most essential in any relationship but its not the only reason for marriage. This is really a critical situation because the new guy has moved on. At this point you have to go to him and let him know that you love him if he loves you he would agree to be in a relationship with you but if he doesn’t respond and seems shady then you have to move on, reconstruct yourself and regain your self worth.

Hey darlings,this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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