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There is a saying that goes “don’t do to others what you won’t wish for yourself”. A guy may be attracted to a lot of girls, but he doesn’t fall in love with all of them. Ladies mistake this attraction for love and fall in love with a guy that is in a relationship and at the end we get hurt,You need to respect the fact that the guy is with someone and you shouldn’t be the cause of their breakup, If it doesn’t work out then he is a free game but  until then, you need to respect their relationship. He might tell you he has a girlfriend and of course you will feel he is a honest person but trust me when the time comes he will choose her over you


Hello World

Hello, I dnt know but I need ur help. I met this guy July 2015 at my best friend’s wedding. I was the maid of honor and he was the best man. We exchanged contacts and started chatting by then we were in two different towns. I wasn’t really interested in him bcus my friend had warned me that he’s a lady’s guy so I tried to stay away frm him until January this year when I moved to the same town where he is now.He invited me I met wif him and we discussed. He told me he still has feelings for me but at the moment he has a girlfriend. One thing let to another and I found myself in a relationship with him but what I don’t understand is the fact that I see him like almost everyday and we share a lot of things together. I am now falling for him n I try to stay away from him but he comes looking for me. I told him last week that we should put an end to the relationship bcus I think it’ll lead us no where but he refuses.Right now I dnt know what to do. He’s already falling for me too I can feel it but of his girlfriend me. I love him. Should I give up on him or should I stay back and fight for my love for him? Pls help me

Hello Lover

You didn’t listen to your friend when she told you he is a lady’s guy, You would have continued staying away from him like you did at first and if he had feelings for you he would have looked for you and not wait for a convenient time. Put yourself in her shoes how would you feel if your boyfriend is seeing another girl and she is trying to break you two up? You will be pretty angry am sure.

Have respect for the fact that he has a girlfriend, Obviously its not meant to be at the moment if they end up breaking up, Fine, But you shouldn’t be the architect of their break up, The best thing for you now is to back off, concentrate on yourself and keep away from him to avoid you getting hurt and frustrated if he comes looking for you ask him to go back to his girlfriend and you don’t want to be the other woman in his life.

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