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Suspicion of infidelity is so devastating as it can cause insecurity, anxiety, fear and sleeplessness with many thoughts and questions  running on your minds all day and night. Though you don’t have any evidence but you just have that feeling something is just not right and you can’t place your finger on that thing but if you suspect your partner cheating, it might probably be but having something strong to back up your suspicion would help go a long way.


Hello World

Am 24yrs old, pregnant for my fiance. Entered into this relationship out of curiosity. Am not staying with him yet bcos my marital rites has not been settled. But whenever I go n see him, I will always find a girls stuff in his house n if I ask, he will tell me it belongs to the gf of his male friend/roommate who is not frequent in d house but comes a few times n may stay few wks. I don’t know how to approach it since I have not caught him red handed but my instinct tells me, he’s lying. What do I do?

Dear Confused

When you are in a relationship it is very important that you “Trust” your partner, without this a relationship is bound to crash. Trust is the very bedrock of every relationship so ask yourself why exactly do you distrust and suspect your partner? Has his behavior been very suspicious of late? Has he been hostile towards you? Has he stopped behaving like he used to?… This are things you should answer.

Know that a confrontation with your partner at this point would not be wise, think of a way to quietly investigate on your own, visit him often without much notice and watch his reaction. Pay close attention to his attitude and be 100% sure that he is cheating before you confront him, because if he is innocent and you confront him without proof then you have planted a seed of discord that would leave a crack in your relationship.

Ladies this sister needs your candid advice, Kindly share your thoughts on what steps you think she should take in the comment section below.

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