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Shopping every school year or probably every three month shouldn’t be a chore, neither should picking out the right piece for class every morning but many young ladies its sch hard work and there are several reasons, for one many young women are not confident and so they find it difficult to select a piece for class and two they may either be ashamed of what they have in their closet, ashamed in the sense that they don’t have the latest Gucci bag or the latest Armani or what have you but am here to tell a couple of things and I hope you pay attention;

1. You are to live your life without fear of reproach from anyone e.g you know how the class governor feels on top of the world? Its no because he/she has the best clothes but its because they are confident and smart.

2. Confidence would take you a long way but first you have to look neat… Neatness is different from being stylish, neatness means washing your whites properly, ironing your dress, shirts and blouses, taking care of your hair etc Generally, a well maintained body void of dirt and unkempt-ness (if there is such a word).

3. Your appearance matters but not so much as when you become a full blown adult. This is the phase where you can try and fail without receiving any backlash.

4. Your books are why you are in school (plus other benefiting social gatherings or events) and so what you wear to class has to be comfortable above all else.

All of the above doesn’t take away from your personal style, it just sheds more light…. Therefore we believe that as a student you would love these casual style inspirations below;


Hello World

Folake Kuye

Titi Adu

Titi Adu

Stella Uzo

Saufeeya Goodson



Which look is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  • Ikani lovina says:

    Chyplum looks does it for me…Might rock the first one very soon buh wif a boyfriend shoe since i don’t really dig heels

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