Sundays are a good time to relax but before that you have to go to church. Depending on your church, Sunday service only last a couple of hours but within this hours there is praise and worship and thanksgiving. Since, Sunday’s aren’t mournful days but rather a day of thanksgiving, it is always advised to dress in your “Sunday best” when you have to attend service. Sunday best is your best clothes of cause this is relative but what they mean is an outfit that is not only neat but attractive whilst upholding the “Modest” theme of the church.

Modesty is the watch word of the church and even if you are really into looking your best there are certain things you need to consider; one you have to make sure that what you are wearing is not going to distract others in the church and two you must avoid anything that exposes unnecessary amount of skin. This are the simple tips for when you need something to wear on Sunday.

Searching for ideas on what to wear to church this Sunday? Then you are in the right space as we have excellent outfits that would inspire your church attire this Sunday. Keep reading to check them out…


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Ideas on what to wear to church this Sunday? You’ve got it as the above pieces are totally the inspiration that you need. You may not have the exact same clothes in your closet but we are sure you have similarities therefore work at assembling them together in the best possible way using the proportions of the above ideas.

Be Inspired!

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