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Tired of wearing artificial nails and ashamed of those short, ugly and malnourished nails? Well, I’ve got some remedies that would make you achieve those very attractive, stronger and healthy looking long nails you have always dreamed of.


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Here are healthy, natural ways you can grow those stronger and longer nails;

  1. Avoidance of Bad Habits: You’ll agree with me that there are lots of bad habits when it comes to dealing with natural nails such as biting the nails and using them as substitutes for chewing gum, rushed removal of acrylic nails, picking of chipped polish, skipping base coats and top coats and using the nails as tools. All these go a long way to prevent your nails from growing healthily.
  2. Proper manicuring: Growing your nails long and strong also involves shaping and caring for your base. This means that your nails ought to be clean and healthy before growing strong and longer nails. Filing them properly is also important; give your nails basic round shapes that would promote growth. Properly filing your nails starting from the edge and going towards the center is a more ideal way to do this. Also care for your cuticles by keeping them moisturized and apply strengthening treatments like serums, strengthening polish and creams.
  3. Eating healthy: Get plenty of Vitamin H from sources like mushroom, banana and avocado. Also eat foods rich in Folic acid such as fish, red meat and cheese.Vitamins A and C are also important. All these make your nails stronger and longer. So, try them out.
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