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Goodday Amaka,

Hello World

        I was just busy on the internet when your ad popes up and i read through your advises to people and decided to get my own portion. 
  Am in Love with this woman to whom i have proposed to get married to, after presenting her to my parents they accepted her and fell in love with her and was ready to go about the marriage rights.
    But on my parents and family getting to her family home for the 1st time for the 1st introduction they discovered that her MUM worships idols and she is the head of the little god in their house.
   My uncles declines that they will not visit that house again in the name of marriage and that if i must continue with the marriage that am on my own including both my parents. They gave me some instance of an uncle of mine who married from similar family and today all his 7 kids are not in other mentally. 
   what do i do in this case.
This is a serious issue, how is your spiritual life? do you believe in this kind of things? do you think it can affect you? this and many more questions you should ask yourself
It is true that her mum does worship idols but then again should you punish her for her mothers actions? does she have same practices with her mother?
One cannot tell what to do and not to do at this situation but it is important you pray about the situation to try understand what steps to take, because spiritual matters in Africa is very serious and not to be joked with, think really hard and visit a spiritual leader for more guidance.
I have been married for ten years dated my hubby for six years. we got married in 2006 and had our 1st child in 2007. we had some issued and he worked out of our home but return a year later to reconcile with me but not to move in the house am presently staying with my first child. i got pregnant again for my 2nd child and delivered in 2014 but since i delivered my hubby distance himself from me with my kids, he stayed for ten months without having $3x with me, at first i knew there was something wrong and i believe he must be in a relationship but i have no prove to show for it hence i never complain until in May this year when my daughter saw a text message on his phone which reads baby can i come pick you to the salon. i confronted him and said this is the reason why you have abandon me for this long. he is 62 and i will be 40 this year. although with even this findings he has not changed and he is into different relationships. my mind is to work away from this relationship because i have been the resource of this relationship by taking care of my 2 kids.
It is difficult to stay in a marriage where you get little or no attention, you should talk to him as communication in a relationship is very important, talk do not shout or raise your voice, as this does not solve any issue. If after talking to him he doesn’t change then you can decide on what decision to make.
If there is someone he listens to you can talk to about the situation try to talk to the person to help you talk to him also, if after all these measure he does not change then you know you have tried and you can go ahead with your decision.
Your happiness and that of your children is key so do whatever you can to make and keep yourself happy.
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