I am a 30 years old man, who has been married for three years and my wife is currently 5 months pregnant. i realize now that the step i took toward marrying is really a mistake, i should have not married her. I know many of you would be wondering how wicked and heartless i am right?.

Before marriage we used to argue at times, but then it was never extreme and she used to try calm herself after a while,apologizes and says she just flipped and so, but since she became pregnant it has become 1oo times more, highly unbearable and frustrating.

When i heard of her pregnancy i thought to myself that this was the salvation to our marriage, things would get better and we would be happy revived and better off, but no way it goes from one stage of being terrible to the next stage of being worse.

She shouts and screams at me, throws things at me and even raise her hand at me, there was a time she threw a fruit knife at me, it hit me jut below my eyes and gave me a really serous injury, i had to go about lying to people about what happened.

I really do not mind that she has turned me to her personal housemaid but that is understandable due to the fact that pregnancy is really stressful and can be very tiring, i try to help as much as possible but i would love her to appreciate my efforts, she shouts if i do not do the dished on time, if the hot water is not ready on time, if an item is not kept at the right place etc. I sometimes feel like her son rather than her husband.

Please how do i go about divorcing her please help as i am not in love with this current person who barks worse than an angry dog.

Dear Sir,

I would not advise a divorce, this is a phase and she is at the peak of it, when she is happy and relaxed you can express your feelings to her and tell her how her actions are affecting you.
Even if you would want to divorce I feel this is the wrong time, having your unborn child in mind, the emotional trauma can lead to a miscarriage and I do not think you would like that.
Talk to her, please do show her care, love and support because that is what she needs right now, yes it can be hard with her attitude and screams but please consider your unborn child and hold on a little, because you have to remember that most of her aggression are due to the fact that she is pregnant and because of this there is a heightened level in her hormones so all you have to do is be patient and avoid getting her upset because she can loose the pregnancy if her aggression continues to peak.
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