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It hurtS quiet a lot to be insulted by someone you love and care about so much, Hurtful insult can feel so unnecessarily. You don’t need to insult your partner just to vent your anger there are well chosen words to use to let your significant other knows that he has hurt you badly. The better you know someone the easier it is not to hurt the person, You know all their weaknesses and insecurities, You know the character flaws they are most ashamed of, You can use this things to know how to stay away from insulting your partner because hurtful insult can be an extreme weapon.


Hello World

We’ve been dating for more than a year now. He always have this communication problem, he hardly takes people’s calls or reply messages both day and night always too busy, though he told me initially that he has been divorced for 16months before we met and has moved to the house where his parents lives.But ever since we started dating he has never taken me to his house, though I felt maybe he was just taking his time with me, to be very sure of the relationship before he can proceed,and also have an Attitude when it comes to his Phone.He has meet with my Family he even come time to time to visit my family. Of recent he started acting strange,I tried to find out what the problem was of which he had told me it was Financial challenge in his business. so I went to take a loan for him to sort himself. Recently we got into a serious argument of which 60 percent I was at fault, i angrily threw some disrespectful words at him (better insults oo) Though I apologized to him few days later, but Omo the Man refused to let go he wants a breakup (i beg am tire no way)For me to still keep my value I chill (I free am) But the main problem now is the Loan I took its Over Due for payment, and my Guy is not responding he has refused to pay, I don’t know wat our quarrels has got to do with the Loan. He is too angry to even listen to me right now, Or maybe he wants to get back at me for insulting him by not paying back the money so I will be held responsible because I took the Loan on my name. Or is this a Scam in Disguise? THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM FOR ME (Gbese) I don’t know what to do, if I should take legal action against him or I should just LET GO and pay back the Loan with my Money. Please I need advice urgently

Dear Confused

In any relationship there is always a risk it will end, Either mutually or because of you or because of him. Not all relationships have happy endings and sometimes those ends come after plenty of warning signs. You were obviously dealing  with some seen red flags that you failed to recognize,  A breakup is often a trigger for experiences or events that you may have hidden in your subconscious. It was not wrong to have helped him financially but going to such extent when you are not sure if this person is worth the risk or not and allowing your tongue to control you is not a good deed.

The way he is handling the breakup indicates that his love was not real. How are you sure he wiLl be willing to pay since he didn’t ask you to get the loan for him you did it at your own will and did you tell him he would refund the loan? If you didn’t tell him there is no point taking any legal action moreover you took the loan on your name. Deciding whether you want to pay the loan or not is entirely your decision, You have apologized to him so it’s left to him to decide if he wants you back or not. If you can pay the loan yourself go ahead and move on with you life, It is your mistake and you have to rectify it.

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