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True love comes in different dimension these days, likewise infatuations. If you happen to find yourself in a situation that you are skeptical or confused about your partner’s love for you then you need to put him through some series of tests like does he truly care (concerned about your happiness and burden). Is he willing to wait in order to make the relationship work. If you haven’t had disagreement then there’s something wrong. Try to get him angry one day in order to see how he handles provocations and lastly try to know if he is supportive. Scroll down to see today’s mail that we got and don’t forget to give your advice in the comment box below.
Hello World
Dear Amaka
Good evening Ma, Am in a relationship that is about to lead to marriage but my family has rejected his proposal that we can not get married. and my mind is gradually going off the marriage which i have told him to get another girl and he refused. On Christmas day i was praying in church that God should bless me with a Christmas gift that i want to give another relationship a trial, surprisingly i met a guy that same day after church though we didn’t talk about relationship. We became friends we talk, chat and hangs out @times. On 31st night, he opened up that he is in-love with me and i asked him about his relationship which he opened up that he has a girlfriend but they have been apart since 4 months ago though they keep in touch on phone. Now he is all over me asking for $3x that he can’t go else where since his mind is on me, I avoided him and refused to pick his call or chat him up for days. After praying again that anybody that calls me minutes after my prayer i will give in (because there are many guys coming but i don’t want to make mistake) his call came in immediately but i don’t know if we will end up to something meaningful in future or i should let him go and focus on my life. Thanks
Dear Worried Babe,
Try to make room for discussions, open up to him that its too early and make him see reasons but if he’s keen on having the $3x then leave him. Don’t give yourself up so cheaply to any guy all in the name of relationship. Its very obvious that he only wants $3x and after sleeping with you, he will dump you. Its not compulsory you be in a relationship for now, take your time, try to focus on your life and career and if you must be, open your eyes widely and don’t go for the wrong ones. In all I wish you the best.
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