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It’s easy to continue in denial and pretending that your partners actions and endless supply of excuses are legitimate, but it will get to a point when you will realise that your relationship is a one sided effort and that time all you need do is quit and call a spade a spade. It is nice to hear of how someone feels about you but it would be nicer and better if you are aware of how a person feels about you through their actions.


Hello World

please help me post I have been sending since please ???. Good morning, pls I need urgent advice on this. I have been with my bf for a year plus. Things became bad 3months of dating that lasted long I was there for him financially & was even encouraging him when I could see 100% failure so he doesn’t lose hope. Fast forward to now things became better & he asked me to look for an apartment( we were living in mine) & start a family but all of a sudden Oga started changing he would tell me no money things are bad(started calling me materialistic) not knowing He was Santa clause to others giving them money, paying for rent etc while he would come home to say he haven’t eaten & I will cook & give him money so he can hustle the next day, fan him so he can sleep when there’s no light, fast 3days a week & do his laundry. I was cleaning when I saw papers only to see it’s from a car dealer read through & saw that he bought a brand new car not tokunbor(if that’s how it’s spelt) for a girl that I know & she knows me too. I confronted him & he denied it even swearing with his generations to come until I showed him the evidence. Please I need advice on how to deal with him because am thinking of burning that car any suggestions please I need it ASAP please he must not go unpunished ???destroying his phone doesn’t cut it

Dear Avenger,

You don’t have to belittle yourself or reduce your self esteem just to please a man or make him love you, love comes from the heart and not by fighting or your good deeds. Good deed should be reciprocated in a relationship but when it is one sided it is a red flag that you are not in a good relationship. From what you said you are not planning to move on, all you want is to revenge for what he did.

No matter how much time and resources you have wasted, resorting to violence will only aggravate everything. If you both still want the relationship to work, you need to talk things out but if not, this might be hard to do, but you can’t remain with someone that does not deserve you. You have to move on and be optimistic about the future.

Hey darling this sister is in need of your advice, please help her out.

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