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Every relationship goes through rough times and always demands a compromise. If you love someone it should be reciprocated and must be  genuine.There is no one without a past if you cannot communicate your past to your partner then that is not love you are deceiving yourself and your partner. You might be scared that y our partner will end the relationship after listening to your past but if you really have  repented and forgotten about your past and want to move on with your new partner then there is no cause for you to be scared.


Hello World


Hallo auty amaka

I am a lady  28 years of age….i am so curious to such an extend that i fail to trust my guts.I met with this guy on the 5th of march 2016 at a friend’s party,he aproached me and i wasn’t in to him until he insist i mus give him my attention.so it happened that i left with him to his place the same night.He took me home in the morning and later that day he asked to take me out for lunch.i didn’t actually have a thing about him but until spended a day together and  we just clicked .he is a very nice guy,so i thought i must give him a chance.I am now inlove with him and he is a kind i would love to spend mylife with to the future.i asked if he was in a relationship and he mentioned that he broke up with a mother of his child sometime in january. so now i just needed a confirmation that the relationship was seriously off or he is just bluffing me. now i tried to search him on facebook and couldn’t find him well i asked the other lady about him if hez on facebook then she said yes,when i asked him he said hez not on fb.I had to log in with different account and i was able to find him,gues what he has blocked me and tipped the lady not to say anything about his relationship with the mother of the child because he is really in love with me and he is avoiding me to see the pictures posted .so i had to ask him again about the affair with the mother  he keep saying they are separated.well the last post on fcebook with the mother was in june/july 2015.he used to call and text me but lately m the one who always initiate the conversation  when communicating. I am afraid he might still be seing the mother or rather they stay together .I need a suggestion on how i can deal with this matter because now i have fallen for him nd m so worried if he has hidden because he doesn’t want me to call off relationship or because he is till inlove with the mother….pls assist a lady 0n what to do so so confused rite n0w what do i do because i love him and he says he loves me too??????????
Thank You
Dear Confused
You should be confused because of the situation you put yourself, why are you so desperate? You just met this guy and you are already obsessed with digging into his personal affairs in such an Un-disclosed manner. This guy might have been interested in a relationship with you but your desperation is what prompted his reaction. He might feel you are stalking him and so he withdrew his interest, thereby reducing the rate at which he calls or text you.
You should know that the mother of his child would always be in the picture because she has a child for him.  It is his actions and words that would tell you if he still loves her, he’s still with her or not. So there is no point inquiring if they are seeing each other or staying together at this point because you just met him and you haven’t gotten to a stage where you share intimate and personal information. You just have to correct the mistake you have made and show him that you love and care for him without crossing any bounds.
Hey darlings,this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.
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