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Relationship can be confusing at times, especially when it gets to some certain stage of your love life that you will begin to wonder if the relationship you are into is really worth it. At this stage, questions like, does this guy really love me? is his love real? will help you know where exactly you stand in his life. In society today, the likeliness of meeting a guy you might have romantic attraction to is high, and this can pose some risk on your quest for love, so its best to always take precaution when meeting a guy for the first time.


Hello World

 I’m from benin city . Started dating this guy January 2016 cus he’s also from edo state but leaves in indian nd he told me he came back home to get a wife .only for me to find out he has a 2years old relationship with a Zimbabwe girl which he was always buying tickets for her 2 come 2 India to visit several times . after 1month of me dating him. That was where our fights started . cus i couldn’t share a boyfriend but when i try 2 leave, he always come running back . but never thinks of leaving her for me. He said he was confused but can’t leave any of us. He chats wit her always , tells her he loves nd misses her everyday. Ask her where she would wanna leave if they eventually get married. But he never wanted 2 talk about any future wit me cus he said our relationship is just 5months nd it’s 2 early to chose. I got pregnant at our 3rd month of dating nd he beat me up blue black cus he said i was trying 2 tie him down with pregnancy. That he can’t marry me nd he has a girlfriend. Unfortunately i lost d baby. He came back begging nd promised to do better. Foolishly i went back but he wants me to cope with the other girl still there cus she’s far away. We fight about her every time and he named me a nag. Now he’s planning on going back to Indian and he’s also chatting with the girl he can’t wait to see her. It’s 5 months now. I asked him to chose btw the girl nd i 2days back or we should end the relationship. Only for him 2 tell me yesterday that i nag a lot and he can’t date me anymore cus he can’t offer what i want which is marriage but he still loves me. Pls should i keep on with the relationship, hoping nd praying he leaves the girlfriend for me? Cus I’m still in love with this guy.

Dear Confused

Falling for a guy that already has a girlfriend, will only bring you embarrassment and heartache. There is always a difference between a guy that is single and a guy who is in a relationship. It is very glaring that he is just using you to satisfy himself when he is around. For the father of your baby to insult you and beat you when you are just few weeks means he does not wish you well and does not care what happens to you.

This guy is just been selfish, he wants to eat his cake and stil have it and you are letting him do so. A real man should be able to decide what is best for him, If he loves his zimbabwe girlfriend then why waste your time, the girlfriend has been in the picture before you, and she can’t leave because of you.. He has said it he can’t give you marriage and that is the whole point of being in a relationship. You can not fight for what you cant have, the best thing is to stay away, be firm on your decisions in case he ever comes back and pick the pieces of your life. Forget about your past and move on that is the best for you now.

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