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There is a saying that goes “Bad things happen to good people” whoever conned this words for thought must have gone through the worst kind of experience. There are so many times that we try to live the perfect life but one simple mistake can be our ruin, its the ability to get past this mistake and see it as a lesson that’s the true victory and sadly only a few number of people can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Hello World

Good day ma, am a lady of 28 years a graduate and presently am working, I’ve been dating a guy for about 5 years and during my school days he has been so supportive cos I never came from a well to do family, he was always there when ever I need him and he always encourage me to face my studies, most times he pay my school fees and gave me some support I needed. We so much love each other and I even know his family and my family know us together. It was my second semester in my final year he came to my school and started crying then he told me a lady got pregnant for him I thought I was dreaming but it was true, I ended up at the school clinic cos I couldn’t bear the hit. I was admitted for like 10 days and I was given drugs cos I couldn’t sleep and my final exam was approaching, he left his job to be by my side. I was discharge and I wrote my final exam and he was always around to help encourage me to read. I graduated and I went for youth service, I felt I still love him and I couldn’t let him go, he came to the place I was serving twice, when I came back we keep seeing each other then the lady has given birth and she is staying with him. I got a job and he help got me an apartment cos my parents house is far from my office. So he got an apartment for me and close to were I work. We are still seeing each other and I stopped having $3x with him ever since that issue came up. Around January he closed very late from work and he couldn’t go home so he came and spend the night at my place and we end up having $3x. I missed my period last month I thought it was a joke until later this month and still my period is still not coming then I ran a pregnancy test and it was positive, I told
him about the pregnancy and he told me not to harm his baby. I want to abort this pregnancy and he has been stopping me. He wants to call my mom and if she gets to know she will never allow me abort a child. The pregnancy is going to three months now and I don’t know what to do. Please help me.


Dear Stuck

You realized your boyfriend cheated on you and got another woman pregnant who is presently staying in his house. Although you were traumatized you still kept on seeing him, this brings me to wonder, Did you get over it and choose to stay with him because of the financial and emotional aid or do you still love him?

You realized he was not who he said he was but he still waited on you years later which shows his deep affection for you in which case it seemed like staying away from every $3xual relationship served as an atonement for the sin he committed when he cheated on you.

I am in no position to tell you what to do but keep in mind that as you make up your mind on what to do, think of how much you claim to love him, would he’s hurting you send you to the hospital as it did years back? can you imagine life without him? think about his behavior towards you and how much respect he has towards your relationship. If you get an abortion how would it affect you? how would it affect your relationship?

Finally take time this week to talk about your future, if you see yourself with him and he see’s himself with you then its time he takes it a step further by meeting your parents.

This sister needs help darlings If you have any suggestion please share in the comment section below.

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