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Like I would always say there’s no perfect being anywhere but you would still definitely find some people unbearable. I mean some are really dirty, nags, cheats, tell lies and all. You can never tell all about your partner before marriage, some even pretend before the marriage and decide to show their true color in marriage. When dating you would think you’ve met the best spouse in the world until when you sign the deal, you start seeing different traits. Some are even worse that their partner can’t condole for too long other than to opt out of the marriage. Though the bible says marriage is for better for worse but these days there are a lot of young divorcee that I begin to wonder where’s the world heading to. Anyway I would just say we should always be ourselves and not pretend when dating or courting. Show your true color and let him or she know if its tolerable, not when you guys would now get to the marriage and you will be experiencing a lot of hiccups.

Black man

Black man

Hello World

Hello Amaka

Pls advice me.  I met a lady and we started dating for four years now and started this relationship without telling ourselves the truth. I later found out that she is mother of two kids and I am a married man and all due I started approaching her before I new my wife, but we started dating few months after my marriage. When she found out that I am married and she still date me, I dont know how my wife got her number and she will call her and insult her and she will still be there for me. The truth of the metter  is that I love her so much and she is not a demanding person and if not her I could have leave my marriage long time ago b/c my is not making me happy, I have two kids and my wife is so insulting and she refuse to go to school. I love dis woman so much. 

Dear Worried Man,

I want to believe that you saw all the bad traits in your wife before you decided to walk down the aisle with her. In any case, I would suggest that you threaten her with divorce if she’s not willing to change her bad habits. As for the issue of the side-chick, I think you are a christian and you know what the bible says about adultery. So focus on making or re-branding your wife to your own taste and open up to her about your mind set. Tell her to stop her insulting manner and if possible since you are educated and you want her to be educated as well, train her. Buy her inspirational books, take her out occasionally, surprise her with gifts, pamper her and implore her to always watch inspiring Television stations.

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