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Leaving a relationship, No matter how abusive, Is never easy. Women who leave abusive marriages often have to opt living in poverty, That’s a very difficult decision to take. Violence is a familiar pattern for the women as well as the men. Often times, Men who batter their wives are seeking a sense of power and control over their partners or the man is dependent on his partner and is threatened by any move on her part for independence. Partners fail to understand that the cycle of abuse can only be broken with awareness or professional help.


Hello World

I’m in an abusive marriage. I dated my husband for 5 yrs b4 we got married. He pampers me ,so sweet to me and I love him so much. ‎I know I have a bad temper. before now, i’ve been the violent one. When ever He gets on my nerves, I slap him and sometimes,even destroy some of his properties like his TV, his car, etc. The table changed drastically ever since we got married. Before I say a word he pulls out his belt and starts to beat me. He sleeps around and when I try to confront him about it, I get beaten. Trust me, i’ve calm down. No longer d violent one ever since I gave my life to christ. Mind you, He still treats me well and gives me everything I need and moreover leaving him is not an option because am already pregnant and don’t want a separated home for my baby. I need advise on how to remedy this situation.

Dear Abused

That you were violent to your partner is not enough reason for him to retaliate. Frankly, His actions are not in anyway justified, You were wrong but now he is wrong. If he loves you he should love you with all your imperfection. Women always tend to love their abusive partner but it takes a long time for a woman to give up hope in a relationship and recognize that the only way she can stay safe is to leave the relationship.

Ironically, A family can become tremendously close after recovering from an abused relationship, You have changed for the better so your partner can ans should also change. Try having a matured discussion with your husband, Secondly plead and ask for his forgiveness for your past actions. If truly he was retaliating your past deed he will forgive you and stop his abusive habit but if he does not change, Then he is an abusive person naturally and your past mistakes was not the cause of his actions. You cannot stay in an abusive marriage, The worst thing you can do to a child is raising that child in an abusive relationship and I know you won’t want that for your child.

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