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Hello World

Alot of things happens in life especially in the area of relationships that makes one wonder. Not all relationships lead to marriage, fine but some still work abit and we always wish it last forever. A friend of mine dated a guy for five years, all was smooth and cool until  the guy got another lady pregnant and my friend nearly gave up the ghost when she got to know. Now shes happily married to a guy she only dated for three months. Its not how far but how well. Wherever it leads you, just prepare yourself and don’t forget to always work on yourself while in the relationship and don’t be too depending. I would like you to read today’s story and share your sincere opinions in the comment box.

My name is Liza. I am 29years old. I have been into so many relationships but none has ever worked for me… It’s either it is based on lies or it ends for other reasons… I am worried because I really need to settle down and have my own home. I am living a very boring life because I have no man to give me that attention and fill that vacuum in my life…. Please I really need ur advice.
Dear Liza,
 I understand your plight quiet well and to tell you the fact its not new these days. Just don’t give up on love and try to work on yourself as well. You will definitely meet the man of your choice soon, check on yourself as well to figure out where the real problems lies or if possible relocate and start a new life somewhere. Make new friends, take your time to study any new man and don’t give in cheaply to $3x.
In all I wish you all the best.
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