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Some happenings are just incomprehensible and unimaginable, this scenarios are becoming rampant. Does it mean many do not learn by the day? Some mothers trust their loved ones blindly and fail to recognize any red flags coming, while some are too busy with their daily life and forget that the child they brought into the world have to be directed on how to live his/her life.


Hello World

I know this might sound wired but I need a solution to this problem. I have been sleeping with my step father since I was 16 years that I can remember, my mum never knew about it because she never cared and was never at home. Most times I have tried to tell her, she just waves it away and never gives me the opportunity. So it went on and on until I got use to it as a normal life style. I have had 3 abortions for my step father because he said he is not ready for the baby. My problem now is that I have a boyfriend and the man won’t let me love him in peace, he is always jumping into my matter and making like miserable for me. The last time he almost killed my boyfriend because he saw him kissing me, yet I know he can’t marry me. Please I need help, how to I face this matter? Should I just tell my mum or tell my boyfriend, I just need help on how to go about it. I want my life back am tired of this whole rubbish. Please am just 21 years .

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Dear Worried

Situations like this, embarrassment and disgrace are always the end result, not just to the two people but all parties involve. That your mother is not always at home and do not care is not a passport for sleeping with her husband. If you can betray your mother in the most hurtful way then your friends are not safe with you. Sleeping with your stepfather is not a lifestyle and can never accepted or acceptable. Truth be told she has not done her role as a mother and you are making her pay a heavy price for it.

You have sacrificed so much for this illicit affair at your young and naive age, he would not allow you move on until he ruins your life completely. If you desire to have a new life, summon courage and speak to your mother about it or if you cant speak to someone that can speak to her on your behalf, apologize to her and let her deal with the issue her own way. You will have to deal with all the punishment she will mount on you, at least you have freed yourself from all guilt.

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