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Having an emotional affair with your in-law is so uncomprehensible and can lead to eternal destruction. Most people allow their emotions to cloud them and before they could realize anything, they are having an affair with their in-law. This scenerio is so embarrasing and as such both victims will never want it disclosed, they will look for the best possible way to quit but still come back to it, the issue with this is that the best way to quit is to make it known to others.


Hello World

I live with my sister and my brothers-in-law. Now my brothers-in-law I love so much mainly because he is a good father and an even better husband to my sister. When I say love I mean it in the most sincere form of love not erotic or anything. He is handsome but I have never fantasized about him in anyway and I love to fantasize a lot. OK so once I was having a shower and he accidentally came to take something from the bathroom and saw me, he bolted out the door (the door had no lock and he had no business being there). After that incident, I noticed that anytime I’m done having my bath and enter the room, that is when he wants to come and look for something and he wouldn’t knock on the door. So I make sure I always lock the door once I’m in the room. After some years my sister had to be away, that’s when it all started. I’ll be in my room, minding my business and he’ll just want to gist, we gist normally as a matter of fact I gist him everything more than I will ever gist my sister because she is too uptight. Anyways, from gist, he’ll just want to hug me and the next thing he is dry humping me. Needless to say, I was shocked the first, second, third, fourth time it happened and he would always apologise and say it will never happen again but nope it keeps happening and I will always cry and ask God why. Before God and man, I do not believe I do anything to warrant such behaviour from him because when my sister isn’t around, I make sure I am very covered I even look like a house help sometimes just so that the episodes won’t happen but for where? I’ve tried to move out but my sister keeps forbidding it and she’ll run and go and tell her husband who will of course not agree to my moving out. In short he has even raped me join but I always forgive him, not because of anything but because of my sister. She’ll know something is up the minute she finds out I’m no longer friendly with her husband and she’ll want to know why and I can’t break her heart because regardless he is a good man. To the best of my knowledge, he doesn’t cheat on her. I have even cried and begged him to go and get a girlfriend just so he will let me be. It’s now a regular occurrence I no longer

Dear Worried

There is a huge difference between rape and having $3x, your sister’s husband raped you first, second and third time and you still kept quiet till it became a regular occurrence, that is just too much. You are obviously an adult and you should know what is right and wrong, unfortunately you choose the wrong part. This act of yours will paint a bad picture for your family in your sister’s husbands mind,

You said you don’t want to break your sister’s heart meanwhile that is exactly what you are doing because nothing will be hidden forever, one way or the other she will find out. It’s glaring you love your sister’s husband but you don’t want to admit it. There is no way you insist on leaving your sister’s house that she will object, go away from that house and stay away from your sister’s husband so you don’t suffer same when you get married.

Hey darlings, this sister is in dare need of your advice please help her out.

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