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Men fall in love and get married everyday, but they do have their biological clock. When they are ready, they head down the aisle and when they are not you can’t push it. It hurts to see what women do all in the name of getting married, marriage is not a start or end point in anybody’s life, rather its just a chapter that all will pass through. Sometimes people stay in a bad relationship for fear of being alone or not finding a replacement for that person.


Hello World

I need my problem posted. I have dated my boyfriend for 4 years now and still counting, but something makes me very uncomfortable. I can’t imagine how many tab of posti I have swallowed.once we are done having $3x he just gives me the tab to swallow, he has packs of it in his room and he does not miss giving it to me after or before $3x. I have pleaded with him to use a condom but he says he trusts me enough to share his body, then why would he be too careful and preventing me from taking in not even by mistake. Please I need honest opinions, do you all think we have a future together? Because am getting very worried.

Dear worried

There is a point in everyone’s life that you let go of emotions and sentiments and face reality, relationships are to strengthen you and not destroy you. If the sole aim of being in a relationship is to have $3x then many would not be in a relationship, it is always good to listen to your heart and follow your mind than allow feelings of being dejected to make you remain in a relationship that you know will not lead you anywhere. Partners that see’s their future together will always plan for the future and not the present.

A man that loves you will always have your best interest at heart and not to ruin you, you shouldn’t expect a man to take you down the aisle when he knows that you might have complications at any point in time due to what you have taken irrespective of if he is the same person that gave you. If he does not want you to get pregnant then he should not have $3x rather than destroying your life with pills. This relationship might lead nowhere, so it’s best you pick up your life and let him know that you will not take pills anymore, if you are very sure he has future plans with you, you can continue with the relationship with proper protection and if he does not have future plans with you quit the relationship and move on.

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