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Tens of thousands of relationship are haunted everyday by this question: Is my boyfriend or girlfriend cheating? It is important to know that obsessing or fretting over your boyfriend or girlfriend unfaithfulness will put needless pressure on your relationship. It will only cause confusion and mistrust, Which could easily destroy your relationship. Your boyfriend or girlfriend might be unfaithful but you cannot conclude without getting facts, Before you accuse your boyfriend or girlfriend of infidelity you should be sure of your evidence and not just a guts feeling. Remember it will be a shame to ruin your relationship because of guts feeling and suspicions.
Hello World
Dear Amaka,
Please I need you to advice me, I am a young lady that is in a relationship, that I will say was the best before now. It all started early last month, when he started behaving funny, no early morning calls, no goodnight calls, no sms, infact that affection is not there again.I asked him what was going on, he said nothing that everything is fine. I even had a dream(sorry to say this) but it works for me, i went to his bathroom I saw a lady’s shower cap, I went to his room I saw a lady’s hair brush, I called him immediately he did not pick up.Yesterday he called me about 9:30pm, saying he was not feeling fine that he needs to take laxative and I was like okay no problem, we ended the call, I called him back immediately after like 7 minutes later, he did not pick up, I felt bad, this morning he did not call, I called him only for him to tell me his in church, and I was like really, you took a laxative last night and your in church this early, are you that strong? He said yes his fine.I asked him to help me send some bulk sms to some customers for me, since he uses the platform, he said he was busy, and directed me on how I can send the bulk sms myself, he gave me his email address and the password, before now, he sent me a sample of the sms through the bulk sms platform “Good morning my dearest. Trust you had a sound and perfect night rest? This message comes from my heart, its just to tell you that I love you” I blushed, because it has been long he sent me a message like that, its either am driving, in a meeting and all of that.Now I had to go back to business, I used the email and his password, lo and behold the same sms he sent to me was sent to two other people, same time, same day.  Have not been myself, I don’t know how to go about this, I don’t know how to ask him. Do I act like I did not see the message? what should I do?
Dear Lady
It is normal to feel that way but don’t make it extreme and allow your emotions take over you, Though your boyfriends actions and body language are suspicious but you shouldn’t judge without evidence and facts, That you saw a message he sent to two other people doesn’t mean he is having an affair with them that message might be a platonic sms and it will hurt him if you go ask him about the sms. The only way to go about this is to ignore those sms and make your findings in a discreet manner that he won’t find out so you don’t ruin your relationship with your suspicions, And if your suspicion is right and you have evidence to prove it that is when you will think of what to do but for now keep your suspicions to yourself and investigate discreetly.
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