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Hello World
If there is one thing I despise is the thought of women who put themselves in a tight corner because of an outdated mindset. If you are in a relationship and its not working please pick up your slippers and run. Yesterday I was so proud of one of the dash doll girls (If you saw Dash Doll yesterday on E you would know who), she broke off an unhealthy relationship after realizing she was hurting herself, she did feel very terrible and heartbroken but the fact that she wasn’t happy in the relationship made her decide to move on.
 Staying on in a relationship because of one thing or the other wouldn’t make it right, soon you would start to hate your partner and yourself.
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Evening Ma
I am currently in a relationship with the father of my child. We are getting married this October. I am having doubts because of his behaviour. He is always leaving me behind and going out with lord knows who. He comes back as the sun rises. I feel trapped because I want my son to have both parents but in the same time I feel as if he is playing games. I love him but his behaviour is killing our relationship. I don’t truse him anymore.
Dear Concerned Mother
I do understand the fact that you have to think of your child but remember bringing up a child in a distressed home affects the child as well. Before you take a decision, sit your partner down and have a heart to heart conversation, after which you watch his actions and see if he changes. You have to realize that your happiness matters and if you feel that you cannot trust this man then its better you let go and move on with your life before you regret.
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