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Despite our better judgement we still get ourselves in hopeless situations but it only takes strong will and strength to get ourselves out. This two things are not easy, you have to be able to shot out any thoughts that is in contrast with your goal of getting out of a bad situation. Today’s story is one that a lot of people have faced and only few have come out victorious.


Hello World


I am so confused that i don’t know where to start from.
when I was in level 400 in Uni,   a married man who is 23 years older asked me out and I agreed to go out with him. Well, i dont know y i agreed.
I was a virgin by then and he promised not to go to bed with me. He helped in a lot of ways, financially, academically and so on.  about 6 months later after we began dating he started demanding for $3x which i refused but he had his way and broke my virginity. we started having $3x regularly. He truly loves me cos he has proved beyond all reasonable doubt. He has asked me to marry him but i dont want to marry him because he already has a wife and there is no way i would want to be a 2nd wife. I also dont want him to divorce his wife with whom he has 3 kids because of me neither do i want to break up with because i feel i am not worthy of any other man because i promised myself to go to bed only with the man I marry.  I told him I dont wanna be a second wife and he told me i should not worry and that when the time comes. everything will be like how I want it. I am afraid I may never be able to break up with him and date any other guy because its like this manhas become a part of me that i cannot do away with.
aunty Amaka, Please advice me.
Dear Worried
You should be worried because this situation you find yourself in is quite worrisome, why in the first place would you accept to be with a married man, didn’t you think of his family from the get go? Now you don’t want to be a second wife and you don’t want to break up his home; Whether you know it or not, you have broken this mans home and the only way to repair the damage is to leave the relationship and start afresh.
Hey Darling, this sister needs your help, leave your comments and advice in the comment box below.
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