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 Relationships are built on trust and friendship. Friendship is what keeps partners together even in times when love starts to turn sour. It’s what keeps the relationship strong. So, in a relationship, it’s always wise to try to foster friendship between you and your partner. How do you do this? Simple. By engaging in fun activities together. Trying to know more about each other. Making out time to spend with each other. Going out on dates and doing fun, exciting and adventurous stuff together. Because at the end of the day, and in times when your partner isn’t around, it’s those memories that you have shared together that will linger in your heart and keep you strong and steadfast.


Hello World

Dear Amaka,

Am a 17year old lady who is out of words on how to make the man i love know how much am sorry for having another man besides him he found out about it n he was furious I like the other we just in for fantasy As he is the only one who gives that tym for me I spend the most tyms with him…i Neva knew it wud become so hard n out of hands  av apologized severally but he wudnt listen to me I love the first man n I want to be with him in future also but I don’t know how to fix this pliz help

Dear Worried lady,

I will like to say you are too young for this, you need to focus more on yourself, education, ambitions and goals in life. Even if you want to date, why not just be okay with one because the risk associated with multiple partners are unmeasurable like unwanted pregnancy, $3xually transmitted diseases and so on. I will advice you to quit begging the other guy since he’s not yielding to your plea, let go of the second guy also and start a new relationship with another person entirely but remember to stick to one guy.In all, I wish you the best.

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