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pls hide my identity
Am 20yrs old
I met a guy way older than me,in he’s late 20’s early dis year and we
got kind of close i always tell him things but he is always so
discreet,he is so nice to me ,no day passes by dat we dont chat ,he
calls me often and he is always like dat too with other pple
he hugged me once i dunno if it  cos he loves me or something else
He has a girlfriend i try to forget him but i cant help but hope he wants me too

Dear Sister,

Hello World

I would not come preaching focus and all to you this is madivas when share whatever it is that is the issue, but it is really important to be calm, like calm down and dont let a nice gesture make you feel he loves you. If he is like that to other people that simply means you are like a friend, so what is best is for you to remain friends and see where it leads to, do not jump the guns by trying to make it something else. Just take it calmly and easily and see where it gets you to.

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