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Most women love it when men fight to win their affection without realising that the aggression men display towards one another often has little or nothing to do with the woman in question. Most times, what prompt men to behave aggressively when they are faced with competition for a woman is social dominance which is a serious problem within intimate relationships.


Hello World

Hello amaka, my name is lynn and am a student in makerere university, I am making 20yrs old in January. During my S.6 vacation I met this guy called Denis and we started dating, our relationship was fun till I got to realise he was doing drugs and a lot of alcohol wtht my consent, we had met on f.b. I became skeptical bcoz I dint want to disgrace my family wth a drug addict, meanwhile after 8months of being together I met another man who was married with four kids but had separated his wife becoz she was a prostitute, we got along and he would provide everything I wanted, he loved me so so much…I juggled the two at the same time till Kenny (th married 1) found out, he attacked Denis and they had a bitter argument. Meanwhile in my heart I really love Denis coz he even stopped doing drugs bcoz of me and he has showed me to his family while Kenny also insists he is not giving up on me anytime soon. M now more confused than ever, what should I do?


Dear Lynn

Experience has shown that two men fighting over a woman is mostly about dominance and their refusal to let the woman go is a show of power (this is in most cases). I do have to reprimand you for being in dual relationships at the same time. However I feel that you are still a bit too young to be involved in such drama.
I would urge you to take time off both of the relationships and focus on finding yourself. Remember being in a relationship doesn’t define you, you define yourself. Digest this experience and let it be a lesson to you in future because if you insist on choosing between the two men then you should know that it would become a lose-lose situation, do not let the illusion of being the center of attraction fool you. In all I wish you the best.


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