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It is easier to end a relationship that you are stuck in and not working. It is said from all indication that abortion to save a relationship almost never works, many relationships that goes through such scenarios are always driven apart unless they find a way to complete the grieving process together. For some women abortion is the right thing to do because of threat of abandonment if they don’t do it.


Hello World

I need advise,I have had 6 abortions for one man and the last one I had I gave birth to the baby and threw it away. I know I have been wicked to children but what will I do instead of bring them to this world to suffer.now this foolish man that has frustrated my life was actually married with kids without me knowing,I just found out and since then I have been so miserable. How do I punish this man for messing up my life? Please don’t ask me to move on cause I can’t even sleep cause of the bad dreams I have, I hear babies cry in my ears. Even when I go to the motherless baby home to drop gifts,the babies just start crying and non always allow me to carry them,they will be shouting, that was how I believed that babies are spirits. Please I need to punish this man for making me ruin my life,I don’t know the state of my womb but the attack alone is killing me. I need desperate help because if I make the mistake of visiting anywhere I will erase his family and make him a walking corpse.

Dear Avenger

A bad partner will surely make your life feel like hell, they don’t just create problems in their relationship they also give love a bad name. This is one of the bad relationships that makes someone blame love and mentally convince themselves that they will never fall in love again, but the truth is love does not leave one unhappy or feeling terrible rather it is the partners involve that creates problem for themselves and leave themselves heartbroken and upset to retaliate.

You brought this bad experience upon yourself, how could you kill your children all because of a man. The truth is even if the man is not married he will never come to marry you, because no man will want to marry a woman when her chances of giving birth are slim. You have committed many sins and the worst thing you can do to yourself is commit another, forget about your past and move on, open your hearts to possibilities and hope for the best.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice, please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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