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Cheating is often a deal breaker in many relationships, Deviating from your boyfriend to another breaks the bond of trust between partners, Leaving the betrayed partner to deal with emotional trauma as a result of the betrayal, Blast of the ego and feelings of sadness, Anger and resentment. The hope of reconciling with your partner after you have committed a huge mistake that has ruined your character in the mind of your significant other is very slim and such scenarios are hard to forget.

Black woman hugging her knees

Black woman hugging her knees

Hello World

Good afternoon Amaka, really grateful for the work you’re doing here. Please I would like to remain anonymous.
My issue is in two parts, first I would like to ask, what exactly is cheating? Is it just when you have $3x with someone else while you are in a relationship or it goes deeper than that? Secondly, my boyfriend and I were having serious issues sometime in December and it got me so bad I had $3x with someone else who was supposedly helping me through the issue, not that that is an excuse. I confessed to my boyfriend and though it was a really trying time but we pulled through and he forgave me. But he has never failed to remind me of it constantly. It’s really hard when you have your mistakes put in your face every time.
Please I would like to ask, do you think it’s OK for him to continue to remind me of it daily? Or is he just staying with me to punish me? And can he ever forget and get over it?

Dear worried,

Having $3x with someone other than your boyfriend is cheating. There is never a good reason to cheat, So don’t try to minimize what you have done. Even if you are not getting what you need in the relationship, now is not the time to place blame. Honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship, especially a long term relationship and I applaud you for your honesty but Its going to be really hard for your boyfriend to accept the fact that you slept with someone else it will always stare him in his face you just have to live with it in time if he truly loves you he would be able to see past your mistake.

You now have the opportunity to take responsibility for your actions and prove to him that you are still a worthy partner that he can trust again. Cut off all contact with the person you had an affair with and Offer a sincere heartfelt apology to your boyfriend, Make him know you will never go back to it and he should stop reminding you of your mistakes. If he loves and care for you he will forgive you and forget but if he wants to stay with you and punish you he will always stare your mistake at your face.

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