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The dilemma of the “he loves me he loves me not” phase can either make or break a relationship. Its bothersome to wonder about someone that seems detached and unstable and it only takes a really patient person to be able to withstand going incommunicable for days. On the other hand there are those people that act like this because they have something to hide hence the dilemma of  “he loves me he loves me not phase”, how do you move past this stage. Simple you need to answer this question by paying close attention to the characteristics of your partner.


Hello World

Hi Amaka i meet dix guy on one of d wassap grp we decided to date infact i reali love dix guy sooo much but he seems to to give me any attention,when i complain all he says bby am busy do u wana suffer when settle down i am sooo confused weda he loves me or nt cos doesnt have my tym,what actions will a guy prove to show he cares nd loves u am in a dilemma

Dear confused,

One thing you should realize is the fact that a job takes up about 80% of a persons life leaving the remaining 20% to be shared among a bunch of other things. Thankfully he doesn’t ignore you, rather he tries to explain in his own way why he doesn’t have time for you. I cannot categorically tell you if he loves you or not but I would ask you to remain patient and loving, check up on him, ask him how his day was etc. Remember that love is not one sided so show him you care about his well being. You can also ask him to make time for you to spend together, but do this in a loving way.

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