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It’s painful when your Ex boyfriend who you still have feelings for is in the arms of another girl, its more painful when it is your fault that he is with her. The thought of you losing him forever can leave you heart broken. For many ladies, they forget about him and move on, others will immediately get angry and want to start or cause a fight. Rarely will you come across any that will do the smartest thing.


Hello World

My name is Agnes . I had a relationship of 3 years and me and my boy friend are so serious with d relatiobship.11 months ago,we had issues and i was d one that hurt him and we broke up.We did not communicate to each other for that 11 month, all the guys i tried are not working out, i keep on seen him as the best and i still have feelings for him.I try all i can to get intouch with him back and try to apologise to him, we met and we talked,he said he loves me too but what i did then hurt him and now he already have a girl friend.We keep talking for weeks and i discovered dat his new girl friend is not in Lagos where we both stay, she is far,this my Boy friend have all her pictures on his phone and each time i see this, it makes me sad bcos before i was his only girl friend and i never share him with anybody,all this got me more sad and i think i should let him go and this month i met another guy and we started a relationship but the guy is far older than me,he said he is not into a relationship that he need true love,but i dont trust guys that are over 30’s and i dont know if he just want to have his way with me and go away.I told my friends about the new guy and they were not happy about it.I also I went to see a councilor and the councilor told me, that he if truly i love this my boy friend and i went back to beg him despite what i did to him and he still forgive,then i should endure and win my man heart back.I was so confussed and i dont know what to do.I told a male friend too and he said Agnes its better you go to your man and endure and play the good roles of love despite the fact that its only me he will be seen around because the new girl friend is somewhere far , that easily with time i will have him all to myself, that d new man i just met that is 10 years older man might not work becuase the devil i have known for a long time is better than the angel i just met. I dont know what to do and that is why i need your advice

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Dear Confused

It is impossible to control human feelings, you can’t also control the way they think and act. Sometimes we make mistakes that we regret once in a while but at times that mistake can turn out to be really damaging. Going into a new relationship with the previous mindset and pessimism will not make such relationship work. Age is never a barrier to love and giving someone a chance in your life is not a bad idea.

You are feeling your ex is the best guy for you because you still love him and still have him in mind. Decide who you want to stay with because nobody will do that for you, talk to your ex in a discreet manner that it won’t affect his relationship with the new girl. If he still loves you and want to be with you then he should look for a way to tell her without hurting her but if he can’t quit his relationship with that girl then he is not meant for you, forget about him, move on and open your heart to possibilities.

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