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Getting into an illicit affair with someone in your office is a tricky thing, its even trickier when the person is your superior and if you got the job through such means. $3xual relations between a Boss and an employee always ends up going sideways 99% of the time, whether it is consensual or not. The single ladies might not see it as a wrong doing but the fact is, the said boss will one day swipe you off that seat you are trying to keep by having $3x with him.


Hello World

Am tired of sleeping with my boss just to keep my job, I just feel like a slut. I met this guy at the airport and we got talking, he promised to give me a job which he did and it’s a well payed job, but in return this man will hang my legs like frying pan every blessed day, even at work. Sometimes he calls me from my office to come and give him a blow job, or he will call and ask me to take off my panties and come to his office with bear ass. This has been going on for 2 years now and I feel like a slut. I came out with a first class and I have my masters but with this kind of country nobody will even employ you because they will say they can’t pay you. The one that got me really sad was when he asked me to come bear ass as usual, when I got into his office he was with few of his friends and he asked me to bend down so he takes me in front of them, I was so embarrassed that I felt like a cheap slut, I refused and he threatened to sack me and frustrate my life, I stood my ground and refused, so he then asked his friends to step out of the office which they did and he took me as usual but he was very aggressive this time and penetrated my anus as he was angrily and forcefully doing me. I left his office bleeding like a dog and he did not care and asked me not to leave my sit until after close of work. Am tired, am frustrated I feel dirty inside of me, I hate myself for messing my body up but what will I do.I want to quit the job and start a trade, but at the same time am scared I might not make it in business line cause I know nothing about business. How can I leave a place am paid 1.2 million as salary _ allowances, the job is very good and lots of people will die to have and keep it, but am tired of being a slut just to keep a job. To worsen it my boyfriend is jobless and am the one paying his bills. I need serious advise, how do I begin my life if I quit this job? Help me am not a slut but a young girl who became a victim to survival ..

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Dear Worried

It is pointless sleeping with your boss because you are merely selling and fooling yourself, he will one day ask for his job back when he is tired of you and have seen someone that satisfies him more come in as your replacement. Even the best job can be ruined by an immoral boss. It is more acceptable when an employee is used regarding his or her job but not when used in such unspeakable manner. Come to think of it is 1.2 million naira worth selling your pride and dignity for?

It is absolutely unacceptable and illegal for a person in a position of authority to exploit his or her employees by exchanging job benefits for $3x. And the employee making him feel like he has a right over you and can take you anytime and anywhere he wants with great disregard. You need to get your tainted image back if you really want to move on, be firm in your decision and desist from anything that will bring you two together. Quit the job if you can’t cope with your boss in the office and look for a good and unconditional job or you can start any business of your choice with the little capital you have and hope for possibilities.

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