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Dear amaka, I am a 23 years old who has being dating my current guy for over 3 years now. He is quite a nice guy but sometimes very jealous n compulsive especially in terms of my dressing. His compulsion is too serioue that my famly has now noticed it .His family knows of our rship and has accepted me whole heartedly  but my family is having second thoughts bcus of some issues in his family which might affect us in future. In fact, I have been ordered to quit the rship. I used to date this guy who was also very good but I misunderstood him cus he had no time for me cus of his job. Since the break up , he has still being trying to come back. Pls what should I do with both guys?

Dear Sister

Hello World

I would give you some points which you should reflect on am sure when you are done reading through you would likely get your answer

1. It is important you know that a compulsive and jealous person can pose a threat to a persons life.

2. You  have reservations so that means you feel his behavior is not something you can deal with and if that’s the case its better to follow your families advice and steer clear of the relationship to avoid future problems.

3. I think you should give the second guy (the one you misunderstood) a second chance, and see if it would work out since you say he is a good fellow

Amaka pls I need your help… I met this guy,30yrs of age , goodlooking and well build,his face and stature look like dat of a 24/25yrs…and I fell deeply in love with,though I was in a strong relationship dat could lead to marriage BT I still went ahead to date this guy.. Only for me to find out after eight months later dat he was married wit two kids.. This affected me much , for good three months I was not myself and this led me into aborting a five months old pregnancy .. Later He apologised and I forgave him bt because we work at d same place, we are always seeing each and before I knew we started going out again and we’ve come to love each so much dat his wife became scared of me cox her husband confronted her and told her dat he is in love wit me and dat he is going to marry me … BT I don’t know if I can cox he is a Christian and am a Christian too,my parents will never approve such BT I love this guy…and he is very serious.. Pls help me

Dear Sister

Your situation is quiet interesting, it is quiet strange that ladies still let themselves be used by men, truth is he would not leave his wife because of you.

It is best you keep your distance and invest in your relationship which as you say is likely to lead to marriage. My dear if you have a relationship that would lead to marriage what exactly do you want with a man who has a wife already, because he would not stop his life to start a fresh one with you, so you would just be there as a side dish till he is tired.

Imagine the kind of emotional pain and trauma you would be causing his wife and probably his children too, how would you feel if you were his wife? would you want someone else to take away your husband?, its important we you understand that these are questions you should ask yourself before you move on.


My name is faith a 25 years old lady from ondo state i had dated my boyfriend for 4 and 5 month plus and only for him to call mi by july and said he needed a space, i was speechless and don’t know what to say and i latter ask him why he said he dosent have fellings for me anymore and i still love him, how do u think i can forget about him, and presently have not even being having toasters as much am just speechless and lonely because he is the on;y friend i use to have and am use to him.

 what advice did u have for this poor lady.
Breakups like this can be very painful and heart breaking, it can make one loose himself/herself, but my dear its up to you to decide to stand strong decide to move on, decide to be happy in your own space, all this decisions are up to you to make and when you make them you work towards it, I am not saying it is easy in fact it is very hard but if you take it a step at a time deciding and making up your mind in time you would forget him. Have it in mind that you deserve to be happy and know he lost, not you.
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