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hello amaka

Hello World
! My name is Cynthia,am 26 yrs old,  I’m in a relatnship wit 2 guys. One wnts us to get married by December but I don’t love him enough to marry him nd don’t wnt to get married witout having a job, while d other that I truely love is not ready 4 marriage yet even wen I mention marriage he always get angry nd has refuse to introduce me to his parents, he keep giving 1 excuse or d other,  Pls I need ur advice, shud I go ahead nd marry d 1st guy or wait till d one I love is ready ?

Dear Cynthia,

First am forced to ask what are you doing in two relationships? According to what is written here it is clear you love who is not in love with you, while someone you do not love loves you back.

Marriage is not a game of ludo it takes more skill than counting numeric. If you do not love the guy that wants to settle in December it is best you let him go, there is no need caging someone down, let him go so he can find someone that would love him enough to want to settle with him, there is no need tying him down or marrying him because of any reason

The other who you are in-love with is clearly not on your lane, the way you holding the other guy down that is how he is holding you down, instead of waiting to be released its best you release yourself and go start something real.


I am a girl of 29 years i will be 30 by june 2016,I have a guy,we have dated for  11 years,but he traveled out there he had a problem, which landed him in prison, so he has been in prison for over Three years now , he only write to me and plead me not to live him for another man,but he had refuse to tell me how many years he will be saving there,but you as a girl is as if my time is fast going,suitors has been coming, but I love the guy,but my problem is I don’t really know how many years he will serve there in prison   so please I need your advice

Dear Sister,

If you cannot find out how many years he has to spend in prison and then use it to calculate if you can wait, because if you ask me I do not know if it makes sense to wait for him if he has 30 years for example, another issue is what of if he comes out and change his mind about being with you. One thing constant in life is change.


Hi Amaka,
  I have a cousin who seeks for my advice, but I feel I should gain more wisdom from you. She will be 32 years old by this month. Relationship with her first love whom she dated for 6years and whom wanted to marry her didn’t work out. According to her every other guy that came to her when she relocated to another town and it still didn’t work out. Her good girl friends are all married and they tried to matchmake her with there husbands friends it still didn’t work out.
Last month she met this guy at a shopping mall who showed interest and told her that he wanted a relationship  and she happens to like the guy. After 2weeks she had $3x with the guy. Since then the guy have been avoiding her. Now, the problem is that guys are not coming as before and she is not getting any younger. How and where would she meet a real man who will love her. She regrets all her past mistakes. Everyone around her is married. Please advice further.

Dear Concerned Cousin,

I think your cousin should take it calm, she should not be in a hurry because of her age, she should take it slow with anyone that comes her way, she should understand that some guys see the desperation and try to make the best out of it and manipulate the lady.

There is no competition in marriage. its not by who marries first ‘. So she should be calm and happy take it slow the right man would come around

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