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Hi ma

Hello World
I am 21yrs old. I met this guy in 2011 while I was still 16. We have grown up together and he is 30 now. I have graduated from the university. He is beginning to act to slow on things as I am running out of patience. He recently said some of his family members are not too comfortable with d little difference in tribes cos I’m a deltas and he is from Imo. So I should still give him more time to settle this out. But then, we have dated for almost 5yrs now. How long am I supposed to keep on waiting? I have become too attached to him. He is my first real boyfriend. I have tried to talk this over with him, but he isn’t much of a talker. All he says is I should be patient with him. He doesn’t flaunt my pictures on his dp or instagram, except on my birthday or valentines day. Everyone is beginning to expect a proposal or marriage planning, but I’m not too sure when that is ever going to happen.the picture is really not clear for me. I do not know what he has in mind. Most of my friends are getting engaged everyday. What do I do plz?

Dear Sister,

First you must understand that you are not in competition with any of your friends at all, that they are all engaged does not mean that they have it going better for them. So in no way should that be the basis of your distress at all.

Secondly if after five years his family has not accepted you, my dear when exactly do you think they would, the truth is that they are likely never going to accept you, so its either he stands up to his family or he does not and at this point he doesn’t seem to be heading towards the stand up direction so think.

Lastly my dear if after investing five years of your life and you still hearing stories and he is telling you about family not accepting the tribe difference its better you move on, the earlier the better move on and try to start afresh this is hard yeah but it is far better you do so now so you can heal and start afresh.

Dear Amaka
Am 23yrs of age and am in love with a 49yrs guy who have 6 children and he’s showing much concerned especially with my schooling and he’s too jealous over me. I need your advice Asap

Dear Sister,

Wonderful, this is very interesting, so you in love yeah with a man that is more than twice your age and has six children, I really do not know the kind of help you need here. This your love means you are ready to be the second or third wife if he is gonna marry you which is unlikely because in most cases you would be his side chic for so long, he would in the name of jealousy obstruct people in your age group to come close and you end up being his mistress for as long as possible and when you realize what you have been doing it would be late to come out of it.

Hope this scenario I related to you has given you  a level of understanding of what you are in for and the best option for you.

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