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People who seem to be on top of everything and who are morally smart often fall when situations to test their ability come, they fail to acknowledge what is right and what is wrong. Some in their wildest dream, they never dreamt of ending up as the second person but they are tempted to follow their hearts regardless of the situation. Well, it could be a way to understand how it feels to be on the other side of the line, and to realize that relationship breakers do exist.

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Hello World

Nice platform you’ve got here. Straight to the point. I am 22years old, tall light skinned and pretty. I met my current boyfriend 2years ago but he was in a relationship. At first we started out as good friends and I respected the fact that he was in a relationship and kept my distance as much as I could. We we’re friends for a years before he started telling me how much he loved me and how he was tired of his relationship and how it was complicated and all. And after much persuation I started to like him. And we had $3x, he was my first. It was amazing and for the first time I was in love. The problem here is even while we we’re together we were in diff states and he was leaving with his gf but we would always talk and he would tell me about their fights and how he wanted to leave but not hurt her. I understood because I loved him. Finally he moved out and moved into an apartment in d state I was. And it was easier for me to go visit.And he also told me he had broken up with her. But she calls, and they still chat and they still go out on events with her. He says they still talk because he handles part if his business where he was based before. He is caring and all but he barely put up my pics on social media for fear of her seeing and when I am around he is uptight with his phone. Please is my bf lying to me or am I just deceiving my self that they are not together anymore and stay or just move on and avoid this problems? What should I do? Thanks. 

Dear Confused

No matter what the situation is, whether the guys relationship to his girlfriend is extremely weak and close to breaking, or even if he’s already breaking up with her shouldn’t be a reason to go into a relationship with this guy. If he wants to break his previous relationship and be with you, he should do that before coming to ask you out. For whatever reason, the fact that she still has a hold on him means they can still settle their differences that is if there is any.

If he doesn’t show you off on social media, it means his relationship with that girl is his priority and he’s not sure if he wants to be with you and if it is worth him throwing everything out for you. You made a mistake by agreeing to be in a relationship with him and you can’t continue to be in such insecured relationship, if he wants to break his relationship with his first, he should do that but for now you have to let him be with his girlfriend. They might have gome through a lot together that he can’t just throw away like that, Let him be so you don’t have to deal with being a side chick in future.

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