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Don’t get it twisted people! Hyperpigmentation is a real thing. Usually, a lot of women are very conscious about the fact that their faces are way darker than their bodies or vice versa. That is why you see so many women using lightening facial serums and other skin lightening products daily. There are times when they do this, it becomes excessive such that the face is way too fair for the body hence, both face and body are contrastiong. This equally is as a result of the fact that many live with the idea that the face should be a bit light. yes it has to, just to make you more beautiful and attractive, but it shouldn’t be done excessively.

Contrary to public opinion, ‘bleaching’ is not the cause of hyperpigmentation. It can happen to anyone. Some women experience a huge challenge with this when it comes to ‘make up’ and don’t really know better. Of course, hyperpigmentation can cause significant distress as dark spots tend to appear on the face, hands, and other highly visible parts of the body, that have been exposed to sun. This can be very difficult to hide for many persons, but we all know that makeup in its true nature, does wonders to the face.

Hyperpigmentation makeup

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As many would have wondered how best to achieve an even skin tone having that hyperpigmentation, Makeup Artiste Nyma Tang says it’s very possible to even out your face with your body using or following her hyperpigmentation makeup procedures.

Watch this video by Nyma Tang;

Source: Nyma Tang


Having known this, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to stress yourself on harmonizing or blending your dark skin with your dark face!

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