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There are actually days you do not feel like doing anything or days you just don’t feel like spending an hour doing your hair and makeup before taking another twenty to thirty minutes finding the right outfit. Those days are certainly the lazy days for you. You even go as far as getting lazy with your outfit on a work day. In all, you care less about what people say, it shows when you leave the house, but how about transferring such attitude to your kids? For me, it’s certainly a no-go area. Fact; your kids should always be dressed to impress whoever cares to be impressed,

Dressing up your kids to impress, no matter the occasion, is a reflection of your inner drive, your self-worth and character as a mother and for your kids too. Taking the few extra minutes in the morning to ensure that your kids look their best, even if they are not leaving the house, changes their path to productivity. When they look good, they feel good and relate better.

You should always prepare them for the unexpected when you leave the house. Running into an old flame, high-school friend or meeting someone new can happen anywhere, and you should always ensure that you are not the only one looking your best. Even if you are just wearing jeans and tennis shoes running errands, make sure your kids’ outfits are complete and that they have a neat appearance.

How then should your kids dress to impress? Here are the ways;

Hello World

Roland and Ryan

Ciara and Camila

Isreal and Paul

Emmanuella and Godsuella

Zoe and olivia

There’s never a dull moment with a kid who dresses to impress. It gives him or her a great sense of pride!

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