Merry Christmas!!! Guys its Christmas Day, how excited are you? I know my excitement level right now is on a 100… Its Jesus Birthday Y’all!! Are you are excited? I know Y’all are.

Today is going to be popping, activities everywhere, if it happens that today you have somewhere to go and your function requires you to be dressed in something casual then we have some ideas for you.

Here’s how you should style your Christmas casual outfits today…

Go for a sporty look- Red joggers and a white graphic tee with boots is as casual as you can get. Besides red and white are the colours for the season, and this is a cool way to rock it.


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So you don’t want red? Okay, not everyone finds the colours of the season charming- An over sized graphic tee (yes another tee shirt idea), thigh high boots and a colourful bag is the way rock stars dress on Christmas day.


Okay, you are not a rocker chic, no problem, lets do something more modern and sultry – a light pink long sleeve crop-top paired with high waist black thread jeans and black heels. Much better I guess.


If you are not into crop tops because of the dry weather then you might like a two-piece silk set-paired with a mid-riff bra-let or body suit; a two piece would look breath taking today.


Prefer something extra stylish? Then a puff sleeved gingham shirt paired with high waist wide-leg pants is an elegant look, do you agree.


You agree with all the above but you crave for more? Then a thigh high slit skirt, an over cut and a cute bra-let is as fabulous as you can go.


You think there’s still more? Well you are right- a sporty wide-leg button down pants paired with a sheer Lacey top and a cute bag is another top choice.


We can see your excitement but we have one more for you- a cute stripe sweater with mum jeans is a more relaxed look for the holiday.


Tell us which of these Christmas casual you wore today… Of cause do this later.

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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