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It’s Saturday and it’s time to get serious. I mean in a world where your appearance matters a lot, it’s important to count your blessing and great moments by dressing the part. Usually for Sundays it’s always about thanksgiving, pastors and leaders always express the need to wear your church best because it is a biblical doctrine. This means what you wear daily doesn’t suffice as your best, your best outfits are the one’s tat you keep for special occasions and as far as the church doctrine goes, the day of worship is a special occasion.

Now that you know just a brief about the conversation on what a church best means, we now have to show you fashion-girl approved looks for what you can wear to church. There are of cause the native’s but we would be focusing on the western version. Naturally you would expect maybe something like the classics – blazers etc but while there are classic elements to be found in this look-book there are also modern inspirations that definitely work well, ushering in pretty much fashion-approved yet practical looks that are fun, comfortable and stand out as SUNDAY BEST.

Sunday Best | Guide Book


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These are definitely the Sunday best looks you need to be inspired by simply because they are beautiful and you can find most of the suggestion in your wardrobe.

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