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Nature is so great, such as nothing is a waste. There are lots of things that are recycled in nature; these things are put into various uses after being recycled. Orange peels are not left out of this recycling game.

Dried orange peels apart from being used in tea blends and cooking, work lots of wonders on the skin; facial skin especially. The peels contain antiseptic that work wonders on skin, notably lightening and glow.

The truth is, orange peels can be popped into the microwave to dry up before use or left to air-dry for a while before use. They work brilliantly to lighten dark spots/skin discolourations as a result of skin blemishes.

Orange peels

Orange peels

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Here are the ways to use dried orange peels for glowing skin;


1. Dry the orange peels:

After peeling your orange, the first thing you should do is to dry the orange peels. It could be done in the microwave, left to air-dry, or dried under the sun, whichever way you prefer yours.

2. Grinding peels:

Collect the dried orange peels and grind into a very smooth powdered form.

3. Mix with yogurt:

Properly mix the powdered orange peel with yogurt so as to form a paste.

4. Apply on skin:

Gently apply this paste on already cleansed skin

5. Leave for some time:

Having applied the paste to your skin, leave it there for close to twenty minutes.

6. Rinse off:

Properly rinse off the paste and allow the skin air-dry before applying  moisturizer as per usual.

Your skin will thank you for this beauty routine. Try it now!

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