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You must have noticed the new Gele trending that we brought to you some months back. This Gele is known as the Orente Gele and was Popularized and revamped by Fast rising Nigerian Fashion Designer Toju Foyeh. The Orente Gele style makes you look clasy and posh, Below is a video tutorial that would take you through a one minute step by step tutorial on how to tie the Orente Gele.

Flowery Orente Gele

Flowery Orente Gele

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Steps On how to tie the Orente Gele

  • The Orente Gele comes with a rope in the middle towards the back end of the scarf.
  • Start from the back to the front in order to ensure the part with the rope is at the back of your head.
  • Pick the two ends of the Gele and pull them to the front of your head at the same time.
  • Gather the scarf properly and hold it tight
  • Then once you’ve gathered the part, firmly tie the rope around the gathered parts.
  • Tuck in the remaining parts of the rope so it wouldn’t dangle loosely in front.
  • Take both tips of the two edges and pin together underneath.
  • Then pin in the front sides 3/4 way through underneath the back.
  • Adjust and then tuck the center in.
  • You can choose to leave it at the center or simply push it a bit to the side.

Am sure you might find readin rather exhausting, this video by Opeke-The African Beauty would help summarize it in one minute, the Orente Gele is really easy to achieve just follow the steps or simply watch the video.


Source: Youtube: Opeke-The African Beauty

Did you learn how to tie the Orente gele now? Am sure you did. Are there any Diy projects you would like to get into Asap? Simply leave your answer in the comment box below. Remember Madivas got you covered.

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