East, West, North & South, the entire coordinates of the country is into the Gele – It’s our national treasure and every culture used to and still have specific ways of tying the Gele, however millennium people like me follow the millennial way. The Gele styles out there are really pretty and enviable, the great thing about this accessory is that it add’s to your look.

Hello World

We get the need to tie the Gele but do you understand the consequences of a Gele that isn’t tied properly? I bet you do and if you don’t let me spell it out for you – a Gele that is not well tied or styled is most likely going to ruin your appearance, so if you were gunning for the second best dressed at a ceremony, all that would go to sh*t if your Gele is awry. Let’s guide you through what to do before you start tying your Gele…

  • Gather your hair up in a knot or a bun and leave your forehead free and smooth.
  • If you have a straight hair or not you can opt to cover it with a wig cap just to make sure that it looks neat- this part is not compulsory by the way.
  • Now its time to start tying your Gele and you start by making a fold

The above steps are what you must do before you proceed to tying the gele. Now it’s time to watch a video on  how to tie the latest V-shaped gele style… 

Source: YouTube | Tito Madu

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